New Class: How to Create Passive Income

Join us on August 3rd for “How to Create Passive Income”. You can join us over the phone or via the web.If you miss the call, you can get the recording from the Inner Circle Audio Library.

But you must be a member of the Inner Circle

Become a member – free 28 day free trial

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How to Make Passive Income

OK, we’ve had a lot of requests for the How to Make Passive Income class with our survey

Vote yourself if you haven’t already.

We’d love your feedback.

Sheri Menelli

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Avalanche of Referrals

Did you miss the call on how to Get an Avalanche of Referrals?

If you are an Inner Circle Member you can listen to it or download it from the audio library.

If you are not an inner circle member, you can try a 28-Day Free Membership now.

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Free Advertising for Your Birth Business – yep it is true!

Jen Aliano of Natural Baby Pros just announced that the temp website is up.  What does that mean? That means that if you have a business related to birth, fertility, pregnancy or the newborn you can get a free listing on

I’ve been working with Jen for months and I can tell you that she is doing some very impressive things with this site. She has hired a SEO company to make sure that the website and all of its listings will rank very high in Google.

If you list your service now, you’re bound to get noticed by potential customers.

I’d highly recommend that you sign up for a free listing at now before it goes live.

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Birthing Your Vision for Your Business

Inner Circle Members: Next call on Friday, June 26th at 2pm Pacific (5 pm Eastern and 4pm Central). Check your inner circle website for the call in and webinar information.

Not an Inner Circle Member? You can still get the 28-Day Free Trail at:

Yes, it will also be recorded and put on the Inner Circle website to listen to if you miss it live.

TOPIC: Birthing Your Vision for Your Business

You’ll Learn:

  • What keeps us from going after our vision:
  • What keeps us from succeeding with our vision
  • 3 simple exercises that  will help you overcome adversity
  • How to create a plan to get you to that vision, that dream.

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Free Classes for YOU!


In just a few minutes, I’ll be running over to Allie’s school to pick her up.

I can’t believe that she still has this week of school left nor can I believe that this little baby in the picture below will be going into third grade soon.

Sheri with Baby Allison

Sheri with Baby Allison

Before I get back into mom mode, I really wanted to make a special announcement. Yes, we had another birth here. (We labor and birth a lot at The Birthing Business Institute!)

This time we’ve birthed a program that is unlike anything we have ever offered before.

How would you like to get two free live teleseminars/mp3 recordings?

Well, you can! We are giving a free 28-day trial membership so that you can try our the Inner Circle.

What is the Inner Circle? Well, all the information can be found here. But I can tell you that we have the first free teleseminar (if you are a member) coming up this Wednesday, June 17th on Blogging For Your Birthing Business.

I hope you will join us!

I must run – my mom duties are calling.

P.S. If you feel so inclined, please let your friends know about the Inner Circle free trial offer. Thanks!

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Birthing Business Institute Newsletter – June 10th

Birthing Business Institute Ezine

June 10 , 2009

Share this valuable resource for Midwives, Doulas, and Childbirth Educators with a fellow birthing professional.

A Note From Sheri

The Workshops are HERE!

We are doing a Workshop in the San Diego area at Babies in Bloom in Vista, California on Saturday, July 11th. More information is available at

If you have a group of 3 or more people, please let us know as you will qualfy for a group discount.

I’d like to personally invite you to take the workshop.

If you feel inclined, would you also do me the favor of letting your friends and collegues in the birthing world know about the workshop?

To Your Success!

Recommended Resources

Audio Acrobat – Would you like to record childbirth classes or information for your students that they could listen to on their computer? This is one of the easiest to use tools that I’ve found. It even has a guest line for students/clients to leave comments and testimonials. It has a 30 day free trial.

Ultimate GuideThe Ultimate Guide To Growing Your Successful Birthing Business – Everything that you need to know to start attracting clients comes in this 6 CD audio program. The Manual is 143 pages filled with more great information, resources, checklists and worksheets. Get the home study course and start building your business today.

Featured Blog Tips

To Twitter or Not To Twitter, That is the Question!

A good question indeed! To read that article, please check out the Birthing Business Blog.

Featured Tip

Speak It!

A great way to gain new clients is to give a free seminar. Once your potential clients hear you speak, they will get a good idea of how

knowledgable you are. They’ve also gained the opportunity to meet you in person and form a connection.

The challenge of giving a free seminar is usually where to give it and how to get your ideal potential clients to attend.

When I first started teaching childbirth classes, I thought the only place that I’d find an audience where I could give a free seminar/speech and get clients was a local Babies R Us store.

Quite by accident, I later discovered a place that held much better promise, gave me much better free publicity and visibility and most importantly got me clients.

If you haven’t already taken “The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Birthing Business” Home Study Coursse, this answer might surprise you.

The Bookstore!

Oh, I can hear you already shouting out, “Sheri, have you lost your mind? Why would I speak at a bookstore? I’m not an author.”

Bookstores have one main goal and that is to sell books. They don’t care that you aren’t an author. They care that your topic will get people into the store buying the books you recommend.

You’re seminar can be on any baby/birth/pregnancy or fertility related topic as long as you are recommending books.

The bookstores will usually announce your visit in a newsletter, put your name and seminar under the events calendar in the local newspapers and give you a free and comfortable place to speak.

You’ll also find that those people who like bookstores to be ideal clients. They love to learn and they are independent thinkers.

About Sheri Menelli and the Birthing Business Institute

Sheri Menelli is founder of The Birthing Business Institute, an institute company devoted to teaching women who own birthing businesses around the world how to easily and consistently attract clients. Sheri Menelli with her first baby Allison

Through her workshops, courses, coaching programs, and products, Sheri shows her students how to live their passion and love their income.

To begin experiencing Sheri’s coaching, you can enjoy a seminar on how to get more clients in any economy at no cost.

If you enjoyed today’s Birthing Business Institute’s newsletter, you’ll love the products created by Sheri and the institute to help you grow your buisness, attract more clients and removing any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having a succesful business doing the work you love.

Free Audio Recordings on How to Get More Clients

Attract Your ClientsHow do you attract all the clients you need? You’re 30 minutes away from finding out. Have a pen and paper ready as you listen to the last class we recorded. By the way, everyone who listens this week will get a special coupon (you have to listen for the code). We’re renewing the code to be valid until June 17th.

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Join us on Look for Sheri Steffes Menelli. Also we have a business page and group under the name Birthing Business Institute.

Follow us on Twitter:

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Is Twitter of Any Use? Two Case Studies

When I first discovered Twitter, I just didn’t get it! I couldn’t figure out why so many people would be addicted to sending 140 character messages about what they were doing. BORING was the only thing that came to mind. What a ridiculous waste of time, right?

Well, maybe not.

I decided to dive head first into Twitter to see what it was all about and how to use it to help my business and the businesses of those I teach.

The results have impressed me! These case studies don’t directly relate to birth but I think they will give you ideas of how powerful twittering can be.

Case Study #1. Alderox. My neighbor owns a company called Alderox. They developed a chemical that is sprayed on mining equipment. The spray prevents the Ore from sticking to the trucks and the mining company gets about 10% more ore. Perhaps this is a bad description but hey – not my industry.

Anyway, I told him about Twitter. You can see his twits at

He decided to start twittering about 4 times a day. He would report on new mines that they shipped to, potential new clients, new applications, new products, etc.

This had two major impacts on his business. First, his stockholders stopped bothering him/the company with phone calls wanting an update on what was happening. He told them to just look at twitter. So in essence, he saved a lot of time with phone calls.

Second, somehow a bunch of dirt race car drivers found out about it because of twitter and started buying product. They hadn’t thought about marketing to that market before. (the cars get muddy and slow down without the Alderox product).

I shouldn’t take the credit for him using twitter. Months ago his wife, Karen, who owns a marketing compnay recommended that I look at social networking. It is because of her that I tried Facebook and Twitter.

Case Study #2 – RJM Music Technology. RJM Music Techology. RJM Music is my husband’s company. I decided to twitter for him. I also started adding follows by first following others that I thought might be interested in us. How did I do that? Well, at the bottom of the screen is a “search” link. I would search on key terms like pedals, effects, guitars etc.

It is a strange thing but when you follow someone, many times they will follow you too. They not only follow you but they look at your profile and if interested, they click on your link to your homepage.

Luckily I can see on google analytics how many people are referred from where. We get about two dozen hits a day everytime I start adding followers. We’ve had sales from it and it is free except for your time.

Ok, how would you use this in your business? Use the advanced search to find those in your areas who are talking about their pregnancy. Follow them. They will likely follow you.

One more tip. Make sure you twitter often with good information on your area of expertise. You’ll gain a following.

If you have successfully used Twitter to help attract more clients, please let us know. I’d love to highlight you and your story.

By the way, I can be found at and

Sheri Menelli
Director of The Birthing Business Institute

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Registration for San Diego Workshop on How to Grow Your Birthing Business

How to Grow Your Birthing Business Workshop.

Register now for the July 11th Workshop in North San Diego County

More information and registration at

Or call 760-522-2829

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How to Grow Your Birthing Business Workshop

The “How to Grow Your Birthing Business” Workshop is coming to the San Diego area on Saturday, July 11th at Babies in Bloom in Vista, CA

For more information or to register, call the Birthing Business Institute at 760-522-2829 or email We will be posting more information soon.

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